We make wearable 360 Camera, then this product for VR Contents making and Security purpose.


To expand business to Asia Market(Middle East, Singapore, Hongkong and China)


Mobidoo offers a contactless mobile payment solution using it's Inaudible Sound Transmission technology, which sends data over sound.

PiQuant Co., Ltd

PiQuant is the developer of a spectroscopy-based IoT healthcare device that can detect/measure/analyze molecular level particles.

Hans Creative Co., Ltd.

We detect user’s proximity by Bluetooth connection between PC and mobile phone and provides user location based service.


BallReady is a product which combines both a ball shooting engine with a automatic feeder, which promotes the health and activity of dogs.

Swizzle Global Inc.

Swizzle helps mobile businesses extract actionable business insights from app store reviews using advanced AI and big data technology.

BitGlim, leaders of the new Renaissance

Your help will support new and unknown talented artists in the world that enrich your culture.