Red Wine is a detecting prototype for the copyright infringements on YouTube based on the machine learning technology.

"Red-Wine" is a prototype for automated detecting of music copyright-infringement on YouTube based on the machine-learning technology.

* (Test ID/Passwod: musicspray on the Chrome browse / If you want to test a global big hit song "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen", click here.

1. Temporary test-bed website functions to develop the core technology that will be applied to actual service. We’re in the process of developing solution service to determine the legal use of digital music content, and to keep track of its sale and royalty by using machine learning. The demo site is a test-bed that provides resources for its development.

2. Until recently, our US office team ran a profound research on consulting the feasibility of K-pop business in the global digital music market, such as YouTube and Spotify.
The result showed that the digital rights management on global streaming service platforms contains the highest potential to create stable profit. The copyright of composers, producers, and performers are being inappropriately managed comparing to the ones who belong to the major recording labels. One of the most fundamental causes behind such problem is the lack of information about the copyright holders in the global streaming companies’ metadata server. A number of digital music are being contributed around the globe without the copyright holder's information attached.

3. In order for us to determine the legal use of such digital music content, to keep tracks of their sale, and to collect the missing royalties, especially for the YouTube in which the UGC(user-generated-content) are being uploaded without prior permission on copyright use, following process of establishing refined standard on digital music copyright classification is required.