MusicSpray is a worldwide music distribution/publishing online agency platform based on the web and data-base technology.

MusicSpray has been distributing/publishing K-pop music to global digital music retailers such as Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google as an online worldwide agency service. (FYI, So far, over 5,000 artists' 50,000 tracks have been released through the service and the revenue has increased by 200% every year.
as the music industry goes into the digital-world, the industry has a spaghetti problem like high-volume-exchange, international-standardizing, right-tracking and royalty-collecting. Accordingly, the way of formatting and communicating metadata is getting more important. Also while we are providing K-pops to overseas, we found that royalties collecting from overseas are not properly distributed to music copywriters. So currently we have been developing a full-system to manage contents and collect royalties globally properly transparently for music-labels and song-writers by the system-integration of data-base and standardizing between the Western industry and the Korean/Asian industry.