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Optical technology for AR smartglasses 50% smaller than current technology at the same FOV

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  • Seoul , South Korea
  • Founded 2014

Raising USD 250,000




The Goal

The Alpha Labs wants to raise 3rd seed round investment for making samples to provide clients
'SMOS' AR vision module technology can change current AR smart glasses from factory to everyday life


• SMOS(Separated Modular Optic System) is world's smallest wide FOV AR vision module

• we have made 3 NDAs, 4 development cooperation deals

• we have over 5 clients waiting our sample product in Taiwan, China, South Korea

• we raised prior seed round investment from Naver Inc, SOSV(silicon valley, US)

• we have 3 original tech patents and prepared to publish a next-generation patents improved over 200% of current performance

Pre-money Valuation

3,750,000 USD

Pitch Deck

Current View

Founding Story

The Alpha Labs was founded in September 2014. Our vision is the beginning (alpha) of the new Augmented Reality future. It is the first step to realize our vision because the concept of AR is innovative but the available devices on the market are too different from what we expected our future to be.

Company Description

The Alpha Labs is technology startup company developing a core technology for HUD - AR vision module.
We are shaping the future of smart glasses and AR to show the new world anytime, anywhere.

Products & Services

AR vision module |

World's Smallest Wide FOV AR Vision Module

Core SMOS technology consists of separate modules that can be easily customized for various devices and purposes.

Alpha Glass |

Sleek design augmented reality smart glasses for daily life

Based on Android, Alpha Glass provides centered display with transparent background and casual design. Main features include AR entertainment, HUD navigation, social media and private AI assistant.

Patents |

Technical Patents for AR Smartglasses

3 Patents (2 of PCT) currently available:

- '헤드 마운트 디스플레이용 광학 시스템' (KR)
- 'ヘッドマウントディスプレイ用光学システ' (JP)

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Sun Ni Kim Marketing Manager


Lee JunHee Contributor


Ilhwan Ryu Hardware Director


Junhee Lee Founder @the-alpha-labs-1 • Studied at @kwangwoon-university. Studied in OLED Labs



| Total Funding Amount: $131,210

$ 85,000 ($ 85,000) | February 2016 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
SOSV making the impossible inevitable United States

KRW 50.0 million ($ 46,210) | June 2015 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country

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