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IOT Cloud Platform laser focused on enabling quick time-to-market and end-to-end solution building

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  • Seoul , South Korea
  • Founded 2013

Raising $ 5,000,000




The Goal

Daliworks wants to make your own IoT service by Thing+.
IOT Cloud Platform laser focused on enabling quick time-to-market and end-to-end solution building


• Pilot projects in progress with two major SE Asia partners - VNPT(Vietnam) and CAT Telecom (Thailand)

• Devices being tested in Cold-chain, fish farming, and Agriculture solutions

• Multiple major partners in Korea actively doing pilots - SK Telecom, Hannam Cold-Chain as well as various government research projects

• 2016 Revenue - $43k USD

• 2017 Run-Rate - $1.36 Million USD

Pre-money Valuation

$25,000,000 USD

Founding Story

Daliworks was founded by Soonho Lee, whom had been working in SK Telecom's IOT/M2M division in leadership roles for ~11 years at that time. During his work with SK Telecom, he saw the need first hand from customers for monitoring and controlling business related equipment and processes. From this direct experience with customers, Daliworks was founded, along with fellow SK team members, to create a platform upon which IOT data could be centralized, monitored and controlled. Since that time, Thing+ has evolved from being a simple Javascript library, to a fully featured platform that businesses now use as the foundation for their IOT solutions.

Company Description

Daliworks is the company behind the IOT Cloud Platform "Thing+". We are a South Korean based company and have been in business since late 2013.

We are lead by CEO Soonho Lee, who has worked in the M2M and IoT business for 16 years. Our team is primarily composed of developers with expertise in IoT and platform development and is heavily focused on R&D.

Products & Services

ThingPlus |

IOT Cloud Platform designed to help get IOT solutions created and to-market quickly

Thing+ is our primary product and is composed of three major parts:

1. Thing+ Embedded
Includes various software (SDK and Agent primarily) designed to help partners using our platform to integrate new and custom hardware.

2. Thing+ Portal
Our mobile-optimized web application that includes a pre-developed UI and UX upon which our partners can build on. Handles monitoring and control of IOT devices and systems across most devices (smartphone, tablet, PC). Also supports administration and billing functionality.

3. Thing+ Cloud
Our server backbone that runs on top of the cloud (Amazon AWS, Azure, etc...). This handles data security, processing, transmission and storage.

4. Thing+ API
Exposes most of the functionality of the platform for use in 3rd party data processing and native applications.

Thing+, in general, is designed to help businesses get full end-to-end solutions to-market quickly. All of the components that make up our platform are designed to be built on top of using our portal or API and can be customized by our partners to create solutions that specifically answer business problems.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
Tae Jun Lee Contributor


Leland Creswell CSO



| Total Funding Amount: $1.8 million

KRW 2.0 billion ($ 1.8 million) | December 2015 | Seed

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