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Pison Contents is a global music distributor and official provider of digital music to Apple Music, Spotify, Google and Amazon.

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  • Founded 2010

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• Reached profitability in 2016, 2017 on MUSICSPRAY.NET!

• Launching 'Fastrack', a musician accelerator powered by MusicSpray's self-producing and music monetizing incubation.

• We are leading an international music business organization of 'Musician First alliance' that is for global business collaboration of over 15 companies related with music business in USA, UK, China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea. See this,

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Sazze Partners

Entrepreneurs investing in Entrepreneurs

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Company Description

We, Pison Contents Inc., are a worldwide music aggregator and distributor and are an official provider of Apple Music, Spotify, Google, Amazon. We have become established successfully in the market with our first service,, which is an online service for worldwide digital music distribution.

Additionally, we have developed an online back-end system, SoundDex, as an automated and integrated solution for solving the big structural and language problems between international and Korean/Asian music industries with The machine learning technology for detecting of a copyright infringement in UGC(user-generated-content) music streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud.

Also, on the other hand we are evolving to a singer-songwriter accelerator, the 'Firstrack' project, like Y combinator in the startup field. (

We are a portfolio startup company of Go-Venture, KVIC, Primer, Sazze, SMBA TIPS, beGlobal 2015 Top10 in Silicon Valley.

Products & Services

Fastrack - Musician Accelerating Project |

'Fastrack' is a musician accelerator project for talent musicians like Y Combinator in the startup field.

* Artist ≒ Startup

Share of Royalty----------------Share of Stock

We 'Fastrack' hope that a musician will get an experience of being an emerging artist and rapid growth as entrepreneurial singer-songwriter in this Self-Directed Producing with the'MusicSpray' music monetizing platform.

Red Wine |

Red Wine is a detecting prototype for the copyright infringements on YouTube based on the machine learning technology.

"Red-Wine" is a prototype for automated detecting of music copyright-infringement on YouTube based on the machine-learning technology.

* (Test ID/Passwod: musicspray on the Chrome browse / If you want to test a global big hit song "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen", click here.

1. Temporary test-bed website functions to develop the core technology that will be applied to actual service. We’re in the process of developing solution service to determine the legal use of digital music content, and to keep track of its sale and royalty by using machine learning. The demo site is a test-bed that provides resources for its development.

2. Until recently, our US office team ran a profound research on consulting the feasibility of K-pop business in the global digital music market, such as YouTube and Spotify.
The result showed that the digital rights management on global streaming service platforms contains the highest potential to create stable profit. The copyright of composers, producers, and performers are being inappropriately managed comparing to the ones who belong to the major recording labels. One of the most fundamental causes behind such problem is the lack of information about the copyright holders in the global streaming companies’ metadata server. A number of digital music are being contributed around the globe without the copyright holder's information attached.

3. In order for us to determine the legal use of such digital music content, to keep tracks of their sale, and to collect the missing royalties, especially for the YouTube in which the UGC(user-generated-content) are being uploaded without prior permission on copyright use, following process of establishing refined standard on digital music copyright classification is required.

MusicSpray |

MusicSpray is a worldwide music distribution/publishing online agency platform based on the web and data-base technology.

MusicSpray has been distributing/publishing K-pop music to global digital music retailers such as Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google as an online worldwide agency service. (FYI, So far, over 5,000 artists' 50,000 tracks have been released through the service and the revenue has increased by 200% every year.
as the music industry goes into the digital-world, the industry has a spaghetti problem like high-volume-exchange, international-standardizing, right-tracking and royalty-collecting. Accordingly, the way of formatting and communicating metadata is getting more important. Also while we are providing K-pops to overseas, we found that royalties collecting from overseas are not properly distributed to music copywriters. So currently we have been developing a full-system to manage contents and collect royalties globally properly transparently for music-labels and song-writers by the system-integration of data-base and standardizing between the Western industry and the Korean/Asian industry.

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Andrew H.S Ryu Founder



| Total Funding Amount: $1.7 million

$ 100,000 ($ 100,000) | October 2015 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Sazze Partners Entrepreneurs investing in Entrepreneurs United States

$ 1.0 million ($ 1.0 million) | March 2015 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Primer Primer is a Korean startup incubator that supports new entrepreneurs by passing down the “DNA” of experienced entrepreneurs to them. South Korea

$ 300,000 ($ 300,000) | August 2013 | Seed

$ 300,000 ($ 300,000) | June 2013 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Go Venture Angel Club Korean famous angel investor South Korea

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