Founding Story

beSUCCESS’s mission statement is to connect local entrepreneurs with business opportunities overseas. As a university student in South Korea, James, the founder of beSUCCESS, created the startup JRI, which specialized in the international import and export of home decor products. Throughout this experience, he found that fellow small- and medium-sized businesses based out of Dongdaemun Market suffered as a result of language and connectivity barriers. His further experiences working in Korea Telecom as an International Public Relations Manager illuminated the dearth of media publications supporting local startups with international aspirations. Most media focussed on corporate giants like Samsung and LG. James knew there were many talented people and startups who could change the world into a better place, and he wanted to show and promote these startups to the world in more efficient and effective ways.

Short Description

A fully inter-connected entrepreneurial community

Long Description

beSUCCESS ( originally began in 2010 as a blog highlighting stories of individual startup founders. As time went on, this blog gained influence in the Korean startup community, reaching 15,000 UVs a day. beSUCCESS wants to use media and conferences to support Korean/Asian founders and help them to be discovered by global partners and investors.

beSUCCESS is the organization behind beGLOBAL, Korea’s biggest startup conference in Seoul. Last year the 2-day conference was attended by more than 3,000 people and the event spawned tremendous deal-making, networking, and media coverage both globally and in Korea. The attendance makes this one of the biggest startup events in Asia.

Through its media platform as well as global events in Seoul and Silicon Valley, beSUCCESS hopes to support Korean startups in their ambitions to enter the global market, raise funds from overseas investors, and gain partners for global expansion. In pursuance of this goal, it has helped around 200 startups to be showcased for domestic and international investors over 4 years. Furthermore, 4 (Miso, Memebox, Sendbird, Seerslab) out of 5 Korean startups that have been accepted into Y Combinator had participated in its conferences previously.

However, beSUCCESS encountered scalability issues expanding these types of conferences into other startup communities. Just one conference supporting 20 “Korean” startups took the company at least 6 months of preparation. To overcome this issue and expand the number of startups it could help, beSUCCESS developed a technology-supported ecosystem called BEGINNING that can benefit any startup looking for guidance.

Products & Services


Technology adopted startup ecosystem where unlimited startups can get benefits.

Goals by Milestones

1. Digitalize startup demoday(showcase)/contest/conference’s operation process (* Processing) through Open Innovation/Showcase platform where anyone can host projects/campaigns and Any Startup can access/apply directly with existed company profile pages

2. Digitalize one-stop deal sharing process partnering with International/Local Deal DB Firms

3. Digitalize startup Deal process through Smart Contract upon blockchain through Providing ICO infra for fund-raising (Smart Contract code, ICO page, Marketing etc) and Escrow Services for crypto Transactions (Buy/Sell Deals for product distributions)

beGLOBAL Conference |

Asia’s No.1 Tech Startup Conference, ‘beGLOBAL SEOUL 2015′

beGLOBAL Conference ( gathers the leaders and innovators of the technology and media industries to give you deep insights into the creative destruction happening right now in Asia. The Big Changes. The subtle trends.

We’ll bring the experts together to talk about what’s next. And why. You’ll meet the people behind the new startups, new products and new technologies driving disruption today and be part of a conversation that will stimulate and challenge you.

beGLOBAL session videos can be found on here :
All beGLOBAL Pics can be found on here :

Past Speakers : Kevin Hale (Y Combinator), Christine Tsai (500 Startups), Matt Kaufman (CrunchBase), Kevin Scott (Silicon Valley Bank), Jorn Lyssegen (Meltwater Group) Ben Huh (Cheezburger Network), Cyril Ebersweiler (HAXLR8R), David Richter (Uber), Ben Bateman (Indiegogo), Naval Ravikant (Angelist), Eric Migicovsky (Pebble), Three generations of pioneering global venture capitalists, Bill, Tim, and Adam Draper, David Lee (Former SV Angel), Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures), Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC), Joe Lonsdale (Formation 8), Sonny Vu (Misfit Wearables), Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian), Cameron Winklevoss (Winklevoss Capital) Tyler Winklevoss (Winklevoss Capital), Phil Libin (Evernote), Jonathan Badeen (Tinder), Soul Htite (Dianrong), Suk Park (DramaFever), BongJin Kim (Woowa Bros Inc.), Shao Shunchang (Zhongguancun Development Group)

beSUCCESS Media |

Leading Korean Tech/Startup Media

Leading Korean Tech/Startup Media
beSUCCESS ( is a tech and media channel for Korean startups, featuring startup interviews and funding news from around the world. Through its media platform available in both Korean and English as well as their global events in Seoul and Silicon Valley, beSuccess hopes to support Korean startups in their ambitions to enter the global market, raise funds from overseas investors, and gain partners for global expansion!

beSUCCESS is building a tech/startup leader community in Korea that will help turn new startups into unicorns in 5-10 years. Monthly Visits : 224,000 UV/ Facebook Likes : 25,800 / Newsletter Subscribers : 20,000/ Most Powerful Startup Media in Korea/ Global Network with 54 Countries’ Startup Media.

Featured Team

Name Bio Contact
James Jung CEO of beSUCCESS, Second time entrepreneur (previous venture in the home-furniture industry). James discovered the challenges facing Korean businesses in accessing international financial and commercial markets, through his previous experience as an entrepreneur and subsequently, as a manager at Korea Telecom. This realization persuaded him to start beSUCCESS in 2010.


Richard Fushimi Formerly President of SEGA Games, Managing Consultant at Genpact Headstrong Business Consulting, Founder & CEO at Rocket Internet Japan & Asia, Founding Partner at NeoSpace Group (Consultancy) & Cambridge New Media Labs (VC / Incubator), Advisor at All In Technologies (Former Universal Entertainment / Aruze Company)


Jinju Jeon Jinju is VP of beSUCCESS / BEGINNING, also she is also Director of beGLOBAL, which is Asia’s biggest startup tech conference owned by beSUCCESS. In 2013, She joined the team as an Korean Startup’s analyst. She takes charge of the region of South East Asia, Seoul and US.South East Asia, Seoul and US.



August 2016 | Series A

Investor Name Description Country
Strong Ventures Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, supporting Korean-Global entrepreneurs. United States
Tokyo Founders Fund Venture Investment for the founders, by the founders. Japan
The Ventures The Ventures is a company-building company and a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to tech companies. South Korea
Hardy Farm Ventures Eary Stage focused VC firm in china China
DCM DCM is an early stage VC empowering the global ambitions of inspired entrepreneurs United States
500 Startups 500 Startups is a Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by PayPal/Google alums. United States

November 2012 | Seed

Investor Name Description Country
Strong Ventures Strong Ventures is a seed fund, based in California, supporting Korean-Global entrepreneurs. United States

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