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Open Data
Job Creation
Data Intelligence
Partnership Facilitation
Management Reporting
Domestic and Foreign Investments
Syndicated Fund Raising and Financing
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Who Uses BEGINNING Digital Government Platform?

Run a coordinated and collaborative budget process, improve reporting, reduce interruptions, save time, and explain financial realities to everyone in your organization and beyond.

City Managers and Public Administrators
Track performance across all departments and agencies. Manage a collaborative budget process, and build trust with elected officials and the public.

Elected Officials
Launch your open data initiative to engage the public. Monitor your government's performance in real-time and inform key revenue, expenditure, and economic development decisions.

Who else Uses BEGINNING Digital Government Platform?

Engage the Citizens on the Jobs Available, Data on Company, Products, and Services. Invest in Public and Private Entities, while tracking the outcomes with full transparency.

Partner with Government and other Companies. Raise Funding and Financing needed for operations. Create Jobs and Find Talent.

State Officials
Fulfill your open data goals and foster collaboration across agencies and departments. Monitor and analyze municipal performance to promote long-term financial sustainability.

We Help Improve:

Revenue Management and Analysis
Understand your revenue performance, improve "What If?" Modeling, and inform economic development campaigns.

Capital Projects
Inform capital project budgeting. Generate financial reports for a wide range of stakeholders. Add geographic context with maps.

Budgeting and Planning
Enhance your budget process at every step, from research to adoption. Coordinate and inform strategic planning like never before.

We Also Help Improve:

Management Reporting
Build and share the reports your government needs to inform key decisions. Easily access the reports you need without relying on your financial system.

Public Engagement
Fulfill your open data goals and give citizens the information they need to make informed decisions.

BEGINNING | Data Intelligence based Decision Making Solution

Interactive and On-Demand

Unlock siloed data and provide actionable intelligence to elected officials, executives, administrators, and the public.

Financially Literate

BEGINNING understands complex, multi-fund financials from multiple sources, giving your government powerful insights.


Understand organizational performance with dashboards, Intelligence Data, and comprehensive reports. Our software engineers, government finance experts, data scientists, and customers collaborate to improve public financial performance and strategic outcomes.


Get more from your data. Plan, report, inform, and engage on one intuitive platform. Manage your government, fulfill your open data initiative, and better serve the public. Get started today .

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